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About the Tecnis Symfony Lens

Senior couple beach bicyclePart of cataract surgery includes the replacement of your natural lens by a cataract surgeon, such as our team of eye care professionals with an artificial intraocular lens. Wesson and Mothershed Eye Center offers the latest in eye care technology with premium intraocular lenses, such as the Tecnis Symfony Lens, for heightened levels of vision for patients with poor near and far vision.

Monofocal lenses help our patients see either well up near or far but not at both distances. For patients who want to see well at near and far distances, presbyopia based intraocular lenses (IOLS) or multifocal IOLs are recommended. The focal points of multifocal lenses, where your vision gets into focus, will depend on the type of multifocal used.

The Symfony lens is a presbyopia intraocular that provides an extended depth of focus with enhanced color contrast for amazing visual quality. While monofocal lenses can leave patients with some visual disturbances like floaters, glare, haloes, or lack of clarity, the Tecnis Symfony lens brings your eyesight into greater focus, color contrast, and low levels of visual disturbances.

The Symfony design uses an echelette design (a blazed grating or ridged surface) to extend the depth of focus. The echelette design transmits the light passing through the lens to converge at more than one focal point far more than multifocal lenses. This results in over 1 more diopter of precision vision. Plus, an echelette design creates an elongated focus into the eye, which reduces the amount of glare and haloes caused by lack of focus. The Symfony lens is often chosen for safer nighttime driving and crisper vision.

Plus, the surface of the Symfony lens uses achromatic technology, which corrects chromatic aberration. Chromatic aberration is a result of wavelengths of color going out sync, which can lead to blur or lack of focus. Through the achromatic surface, the various wavelengths of color are able to meet at the back of the retina, at the optic nerve, providing seamless vision for precision and excellent visual contrast.

For more information about the Tecnis Symfony lens, contact our office in Tupelo, today.