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What’s New

Summer Eye Care Tips

It’s official - summer has arrived and it’s time to ensure you keep your eyes protected from summertime hazards. Here are some pointers on remaining safe in the sun: Make sure you have sunglasses with 100% UV Protection – and wear them! If your shades don’t guard against 100% of...
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Everything Parents Need to Know About Children’s Safety Glasses

Research shows that eye injuries account for 40,000 emergency room visits annually. That's equal to an accident every 13 minutes! Eye Care experts believe that 90% of the accidents could be easily avoided by using proper eye protection. The majority of eye damaging accidents happen when individuals are playing sports...
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The Eye Doc Says: Eat Carrots for Eye Health

Can carrots really improve vision? While eye doctors affirm that carrots contain significant quantities of a beta-carotene that has proven to be very good for the eyes, carrots can not take the place of suitable corrective eye care. Beta-carotene is a carotenoid, or orange pigment that converts into vitamin A...
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This Month is Ultraviolet Awareness Month

  Thanks to measures to increase knowledge of the threats of Ultraviolet (UV) light to your skin, (particularly sunburn and skin cancer), most are familiar with the necessity of applying sunblock and using other protective measures particularly during the blazing summer months. But how many are aware that UV and...
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Are You Caring for Your Contacts Safely?

  Many people find it somewhat baffling navigating the eye care aisle of some pharmacies. But as overwhelming as it is, it's crucial to learn proper lens care. Failure to care for your contacts can result in a variety of eye infections including some that may result in vision loss....
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Gas Permeable Lenses: Are You a Candidate?

  Although soft contacts are more common, another lesser-known kind of contact lens materials exists: rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, sometimes referred to oxygen permeable lenses. In truth, GP lenses involve more modern technology than soft lenses, and they are longer-lasting, offer finer vision quality, and offer enhanced deposit resistance....
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