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What’s New

Cosmetics Advice for Contact Wearers from your Tupelo, MS Optometrist

If you wear contact lenses there are a number of guidelines that should be followed when it comes to applying cosmetics. Below are a few basic pointers on ways to be sure your eyes remain lovely and healthy. Which Cosmetics Are the Safest for your Eyes? First of all, we...
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Getting Sunblock Out of Your Eyes

If you have ever gotten sunblock in your eyes, you are aware just how painful it can be. A very good rub in the eye can sometimes result in stinging that lasts for hours. It can take hours until the victim can comfortably open his eyes, especially outside in the...
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Book An Annual Eye Exam in Tupelo, MS, in Honor of Cataracts Awareness Month

Many adults don't know that cataracts affect approximately 20.5 million Americans age 40 and older. In truth, more than 50% of senior citizens have some degree of cataracts. What are cataracts? Cataracts occur when the ocular lens becomes clouded. This prohibits the passage of light necessary for proper vision. How...
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Are Your Child’s Eyes Ready for School? Don’t Forget to Schedule a Tupelo Kids’ Eye Exams

Many doctors stress that around 80% of learning takes place through a child's eyes. Since a child's vision may change occasionally, regular eye and vision care is crucial to a student's classroom performance. Surprisingly, most parents don't make vision tests part of their child's back-to-school health check-up. Furthermore survey results...
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Contact Lenses: A Real Self-Esteem Booster for Teens

No teenager likes to be seen in something that makes them different, and for many teenagers, eyeglasses can often feel that way. Teenagers may balk at the idea of being seen in eyeglasses and appearing ''dorky''. As opposed to glasses, kids and teenagers that wear contact lenses report a significant...
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Help! How to Handle Common Eye Injuries

Eye injuries come in many shapes and sizes, some more serious than others. Some might necessitate emergency treatment and immediate care by an eye care practitioner, while others can be taken care of at home. Read this guide to common eye injuries, to decide the next step following an eye...
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