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What’s New

Tupelo, MS Relief for Autumn Ocular Allergies

  Although seasonal allergies are more commonly talked about in the spring, a large number of individuals experience symptoms during the autumn months as well. Above nasal symptoms such as sneezing and congestion, ocular allergies can cause a great level of discomfort. When suffering from allergies, the eyes are often...
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This Halloween Watch Out for Decorative Contacts

  With the fall comes Halloween and with that, costumes. It's important to know of some hazards to your eyes that could put a damper on the holiday spirit. A popular costume addition in recent years has been decorative contact lenses and this is causing serious concern amongst optometrists. Contacts...
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Come in and see our new VisiOffice!

"Visioffice is the first and only universal measuring system that allows you to obtain every possible parameter needed for today's individualized lenses."
Essilor of America

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Computer Vision Syndrome Management in Tupelo, MS

View Video Findings from the American Optometric Association show that over seven out of 10 of the Americans that work for the majority of the day on a computer screen (over 140 million people) suffer from computer vision syndrome or eye strain. Prolonged periods of working at the computer can...
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Maintaining Safety for Your Eyes in the Home

  In recognition of Home and Sports Eye Safety Month, we're going to focus on ways to keep your house safe for your eyes specifically in choosing eye safe toys. Don't wait until it's too late to guarantee your home environment is an eye-safe zone. Naturally, kids enter the world...
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Cosmetics Advice for Contact Wearers from your Tupelo, MS Optometrist

If you wear contact lenses there are a number of guidelines that should be followed when it comes to applying cosmetics. Below are a few basic pointers on ways to be sure your eyes remain lovely and healthy. Which Cosmetics Are the Safest for your Eyes? First of all, we...
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