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Vision Care Direct

If you don’t have a vision plan or would like to supplement your existing plan, the doctors at Wesson and Mothershed Eye Center are pleased to offer you a vision plan through Vision Care Direct.

Vision Care Direct offers:

An Unparalleled Choice of Plans

Vision Care Direct is the most flexible vision benefit available in the market place. The vast majority of vision benefit plans only offer multiple plan options for extremely large groups, and even then the choices are limited. Vision Care Direct’s unprecedented flexibility gives individuals a choice of frame allowances, benefit level and/or multiple combinations of benefits at the same time. They provide options that no other vision plan can offer.

The Highest Quality of Care at Affordable Prices

Many people don’t know that a comprehensive eye exam involves more than a simple refractive correction. A comprehensive exam allows highly trained doctors the ability to truly see into a patients overall health. There are many “cheap” vision plans on the market that treat eye doctors as a commodity which leads to a lower quality of care. Because of the way Vision Care Direct is structured, they can provide the highest quality of care at very affordable prices.

Access to the Materials Patients Need

Vision Care Direct doctors have open access to materials, vendors and labs whether a patient needs Safety Eye Wear, progressive lenses, Computer Eye Wear or other specialty products. Other vision plans restrict their doctors to certain frame and lens providers and require them to purchase only certain materials. Unrestricted access allows doctors to truly make the best recommendations for a patient’s needs.

To learn more about the plans offered in your area and enroll today, please click on the banner below.


Vision Care Direct is Different

First of all, Vision Care Direct is NOT an insurance company.

Vision Care Direct is a payment plan managed by independent eye care practitioners who have formed a statewide association of peers to deliver affordable, high-quality eye care DIRECTLY to the community. Local doctors in each state volunteer their time to manage the plan in cooperation with Vision Care Direct marketing and administrative personnel.

Vision Care Direct doctors believe that patients want the kind of high-quality health care they can expect from independent eye care professionals. They are committed to giving patients access to the highest quality of eye-health care, and doing what they’ve been trained to do: care for patients!