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IOT Endless Plus Digital Lenses

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

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Our new IOT ENDLESS PLUS DIGITAL LENSES introducing our newest and best digital lenses in single vision and progressive. These new lenses offer a range of benefits over traditional lenses by using the most innovative technologies available today.

Endless Steady Progressive lenses are personalized using your unique prescription. measurements. and frame choice to offer a completely individualized visual experience. As a result, you have exceptional visual comfort, impeccable visual quality, and more precise focus. You’ll benefit from high-definition vision and maximum visual fields in the distance, intermediate, and near zone.


  • Precise and comfortable focus for all working distances in any direction of gaze
  • Near elimination of peripheral blur
  • Superior visual quality for viewing digital devices
  • Higher image stability for reduced swim effect
  • Improvement of peripheral visual quality in the distance zone

A Lens Adapted To Any Situation

Endless Steady Progressive lenses include IOT Dio’tal Ray-Path 2 Technology. This patented innovative technology personalizes your lenses, for crisp vision at all distances.

Superior Image Stability for More Comfortable Vision

Endless Steady Progressive lenses incorporate patented Steady Methodology, a technological breakthrough in digital lenses This improves peripheral visual acuity. reduces swim effect, provides superior image stability and offers more comfortable vision.

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