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Please share a little bit about how dry eye examinations can be covered by medical insurance and why

Many medical insurance will cover a full eye exam for complaints with dry eye. Dry eye and tear film quality in general has so much to do with the way that we see that it is not given nearly enough credit in some circumstances, in my opinion. I tell patients...

What is the examination like to determine whether someone is suffering from Dry Eyes & would need a Blephex treatment?

A patient would basically need a straight forward slit lamp examination to view the lids and lashes underneath the microscope so that blepharitis can be visualized. Even mild blepharitis can cause serious patient symptoms to where a blephex treatment may be warranted. We have also had patient with mild blepharitis,...
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7 Ways to Wish Dry Eye ‘Goodbye’

Red, itchy, irritated eyes are no fun. Here are 7 tips for alleviating the discomfort of dry eye syndrome.

When is blephex appropriate as a treatment? (What age, how often, & what are the benefits)

BlephEx can be done at any time on any one. Any age patient is a candidate for the treatment. It is recommended treatment is done every 4 months for the first year, then yearly or twice a year after that, but technically can be done as much as the patient...

Do you have any recommendations for people to help them avoid Dry Eye issues?

Proactively the best things one can do to avoid dry eye is to blink more! Blinking is not something we are consciously aware of majority of the time, but much less so on our screens. I tell patients that work on computers all day that if you have to put...

Please share what is evaporative dry or meibomian gland dysfunction and what is blepharitis

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) leading to evaporative dry eye is the leading cause of dry eye or much more common as compared to aqueous deficient dry eye. We have about 30-40 meibomian/oil glands that line the bottom and top lids. These glands largely contribute to the oil layer of the...

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