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Botox: How Does It Smooth Wrinkles?

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10 Facts About Botox From Our Tupelo Eye Doctor

Botox injections are a widely popular way to look younger. However, how much do you know about these shots? When it comes to health care, we want our Tupelo patients to make an educated decision about every treatment or therapy that they choose. If you’re considering Botox, here’s an intro to all the essential facts you should know:

1. Botox Is An Injectable Neurotoxin

Botox is really a diluted form of Botulinum Toxin, a cosmetic neurotoxin derived from the bacterial Clostridium botulinum. In this form, it relaxes your muscles, usually around your eyes, in the forehead, and between eyebrows. The concept behind this is that by temporarily blocking local nerve impulses specific face muscles, you won’t shape your face into certain expressions. As a result, the wrinkles that typically come with these expressions won’t form.

2. Botox Is Safe – When Done By An Expert

No worries, Botox is FDA-approved and very common. In 2002, it was approved for cosmetic purposes, and nowadays that is the most common motivation for getting Botox. However, back when it was first approved in 1989, it was used to treat other medical conditions, such as blepharospasm of the eyelid and strabismus (crossed eyes). Our Tupelo oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Sonya Miles, is experienced with Botox injections and treats patients with this procedure to smooth wrinkles, as well as for other medical therapies – such as to relieve eye twitching or chronic migraines.

3. You Need To Prepare For The Injections

You must avoid taking any anticoagulants, such as ibuprofen or aspirin, before Botox. Since these drugs impact blood clotting, they increase your risk of bruising from Botox needles. Also, many medical experts recommend avoiding fish oil, green tea, cinnamon, multivitamins, and red wine within the week prior to treatment.

4. Take It Easy Right After Botox Shots

In the first few hours after Botox, we recommend that you are cautious with the injected zones. Don’t wash your hair, put on makeup, exercise, or mess in any way with the Botox-ed areas. If you received a shot in between your eyebrows, you may also experience a headache or dizziness. This is short-lived and normal. It is especially important not to fly during the few days after your procedure, as the change in cabin pressure can interfere with how the neurotoxin spreads through your muscles.

5. Botox Is For Any Age

Botox is not reserved for those who qualify for senior memberships. According to many opinions, the younger the better to use Botox. Many patients in their late twenties or early thirties are now turning to preventative Botox. Starting early can prevent wrinkles from worsening and often reverse the first blush lines and wrinkles. Remember, wrinkles form slowly and deepen over time. In sum, there is no ideal age for beginning Botox.

6. You Can Still Move Your Face

Yes, it is true that Botox will restrict your facial movement when you get angry or laugh, but you’ll still be able to show expression. Botox smooths wrinkles and makes crow’s feet much less prominent, but it does not leave your face looking frozen and stiff.

7. You Will Still Have Some Wrinkles

It is important to set realistic expectations when considering Botox. It will not erase all the wrinkles from your face, but it will diminish lines made from facial expressions. Static wrinkles, which are the ones you see when you gaze in the mirror at rest, are not affected by Botox. Also, Botox has no effect on wrinkles caused by sun damage, as these are etched into your skin on the surface – and not caused by underlying muscles.

8. Botox Effects Are Not Instant

Botox takes about three to five days to start working, and the full effects are not apparent until approximately two weeks. At that point, you may feel funny. Some people describe the feeling as similar to having thick tape plastered across their forehead. The tightness will generally dissipate as your body has time to adapt to the toxin.

9. Botox Is Not A One-time Deal

Many people are surprised to learn that the injections only last around three months. The neurotoxin wears off over time, and you’ll notice your wrinkles start to show up again. You will need maintenance approximately every three to six months.

10. Don’t fall For Discounts

Botox is only safe and effective when done by a qualified surgeon, such as Dr. Sonya Miles, our expert oculoplastic surgeon in Tupelo, MS. The more experience your eye surgeon has, the less the chances that you’ll suffer complications or be disappointed by the results. When you want to smooth wrinkles with Botox, it is not the time to skimp and search for a sale.

Are you ready to smooth wrinkles and fight aging with this quick and efficient procedure? To learn more, schedule a Botox consultation in our Tupelo, MS, eye care center.