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Can Stress Worsen Dry Eye?

Dry EyeDry eye syndrome is a common condition. It occurs when your eyes are unable to produce enough tears to keep them lubricated. This can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, like burning, itching, and redness. There are several contributing factors. The question is can stress worsen dry eye symptoms?

Dry Eye Symptoms

Some common symptoms associated with dry eye include:

  1. Redness of the eyes.
  2. Light sensitivity.
  3. An itchy or stinging sensation.
  4. Difficulty driving at night time.
  5. Teary eyes.
  6. Eye fatigue.
  7. Blurred vision.

Stress and Inflammation

Stress may cause inflammation. Dry eye syndrome is an inflammatory condition. When you are under stress, your body releases hormones that can increase inflammation levels throughout your body. This inflammation can affect the glands in your eyes that produce tears, worsening dry eye symptoms. 

Stress and Existing Dry Eye Symptoms

Dealing with dry eye symptoms on a daily basis can be stressful. People who already suffer from dry eye syndrome may find that their symptoms worsen during periods of stress. Poor sleep patterns, working late nights and spending long hours in front of a screen can contribute to stress. This can worsen your dry eye symptoms.

Managing Stress and Dry Eye Symptoms

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to reduce the impact of stress on your eyes and reduce dry eye syndrome symptoms.

Stress management

An effective strategy is to practice stress management techniques, such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga. By reducing your stress levels, you can reduce the inflammation in your body and manage your dry eye symptoms. 

Eye Hygiene

Another important step is to maintain good eye hygiene. Use artificial tears or other lubricating eye drops as needed. Avoid environmental triggers that can exacerbate dry eye symptoms, such as smoke, wind, or bright sunlight.

Professional Help

It is important to seek professional help if you are experiencing persistent or severe dry eye symptoms. Wesson and Mothershed Dry Eye Center in Tupelo can provide a comprehensive eye exam to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and recommend the most appropriate treatment options.

Stress can contribute to the development and severity of dry eye syndrome. By understanding the link between stress and dry eye, you can take steps to manage your stress levels, maintain good eye hygiene, and seek professional help as needed.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Dry Eye

Contact Wesson and Mothershed Dry Eye Center in Tupelo today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam and get the help you need to manage and treat your dry eye symptoms effectively. 

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