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How to Choose Toys that are Eye Safe

Holiday season is rapidly approaching and that means new toys for the kiddies. Adoring mothers and fathers love treating the young ones to the ''in'' toys for the holidays.
It is necessary for family members to explain to relatives the rules when it comes to toy safety and vision. Injuries involving toys and games can occur, occasionally resulting in damage to eyes, or even blindness.

Here are some tips to protect children from toy related harm:

  1. Remember, age appropriate toys only! Be careful not to permit small children to handle toys intended for older brothers or sisters.

  2. Check that the toy is well made and steer clear of toys with sharp corners. Make sure toys with a handle such as bats or pony sticks have smooth and round handles.

  3. Watch little children during playtime.

  4. Prevent eye injuries by steering clear of toy or games that have dangerous, pointed edges or plastic or wooden missiles, commonly found in war-themed toys.

Before you purchase that latest game that your child has been pleading with you for, spend some time to read up on eye safety guidelines when it comes to children's toys and games. The holidays are a great time for creating special moments with your family members, not the doctor on staff at the nearest ER. Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.