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Cosmetics Advice for Contact Wearers from your Tupelo, MS Optometrist

If you wear contact lenses there are a number of guidelines that should be followed when it comes to applying cosmetics. Below are a few basic pointers on ways to be sure your eyes remain lovely and healthy.

Which Cosmetics Are the Safest for your Eyes?

First of all, we advise that you buy only cosmetics that are oil and fragrance free. In addition, to avoid peeling and smearing, which could result in bothering your contacts, use water-resistant mascara and eye liner pencils. Finally it's important to replace makeup at regular intervals - ideally replace mascara each month, liners after 3 months and eye shadows every six months.

How to Safely Apply Makeup

Make sure you rinse your hands thoroughly prior to putting in your contacts. Apply eye shadow, liner and mascara gently to prevent touching your lenses. Don't touch a brush or liner to the lid inside the lashes and start mascara at the midpoint of the lashes as opposed to the bottom near the lid. Don't let another use your makeup or apply if your eyes are red or infected.

In addition to taking off eye makeup every day try to be proactive and avoid wearing contacts when dying or treating your hair with a chemical.

Following these guidelines when using eye makeup during contact use can prevent red, itchy or infected eyes as well as scratches, breaks or breakdown of lenses.

When your eyes are swollen or infected avoid applying makeup. Don't hesitate to call your eye care practitioner if you have any swelling, discomfort, or itchiness. Our Tupelo, MS eye doctor will be glad to assist you with any contact lens issues that you may be having.